Specialized, Top Notch Root Canal Services

Dr. Ryan McNamara is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of root canals. He went to specialty training for endodontics, and has a special talent for making treatment comfortable, efficient, and predictable.

Precision and Perfection

Current local anesthetic and treatment techniques used by Dr. McNamara are sure to make the process a pleasant experience. Dr. McNamara is very precise and a perfectionist, and these personality traits are shown in his dental treatment.

Root Canal Symptoms

When a nerve is overwhelmed it may give you intense sensitivity and spontaneous pain. As the nerve dies bacteria may then cause an infection and the sensation of pain to chewing or pressure in the area may develop. Over time some people notice slight swelling or a bump in their gums that usually indicates a dental infection.

  • A history of cavities;
  • Multiple fillings or crowns;
  • Cracks in teeth and/or trauma;
  • Clenching and grinding irritating the nerves within teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

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“I have anxiety about simply getting my dental check up, so to find out I needed my first root canal almost put me into panic mode! From the moment I walked into Dr. Mcnamara’s office I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. The entire experience was painless! Dr. and his staff are so friendly and understanding. I highly recommend them. Who would have thought my best dental experience would be getting a root canal?!”

Aleiah Sakai