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Fractured Teeth

Posterior teeth may develop cracks (fractures) after years of use, especially with a history of large fillings.  Symptoms of cracked teeth include sensitivity to cold and pain to chewing that some patients describe as a shock or jolt when biting.  If the nerve has not been damaged too badly then a cuspal coverage restoration (onlay [...]

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Root Resorption

There are several types of root resorption that may affect teeth.  One aggressive form is called invasive cervical resorption (ICR) and is usually found on radiographic examination by your dentist.  Patients commonly do not experience symptoms until very late stages of the disease when treatment options become much more difficult.  Treatment usually involves both root [...]

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Endodontic Surgery

Even with ideal root canal therapy there may be persistent infection in a small number of patients. Fortunately there are options to still save natural teeth. Endodontic surgery is aimed at complex areas at the end of roots to help eliminate any remaining bacteria. The procedure is performed with the aid of a microscope to [...]

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