Root Canal Pain Relief

Another alternative for saving a tooth is to perform a minor surgery on the end of the root, which is usually where the infection is localized. Rather than going through the top of the tooth and the old filling material, the roots are accessed from the side. This may be necessary to avoid damaging the crown, or if the root ends cannot be reached from within the tooth due to having a post or other blockage in the roots.

Root Canal Procedure

A small incision is made and the gums are lifted so the end of the root can be seen through a microscope. The root end is removed, the surface is prepared with fine instruments, and a special material is used to seal off the root end.

Root Canal Surgery

The gums are placed back in their original position with some stitches and the area usually feels better within about one week. The success of this treatment depends on a variety of factors that should be discussed with Dr. McNamara.

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