What is a Root Canal?

When the nerve inside a tooth has been irreversibly damaged or has already died, performing root canal therapy may save your natural tooth.  After numbing the area, a small hole is opened into the middle of the tooth to access the roots.  The inside of the roots are cleaned with small instruments called files and disinfected with a series of antibacterial solutions.  Once Dr. McNamara confirms all the areas within the tooth have been thoroughly disinfected the roots are sealed off with root filling material and a temporary filling is placed in the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

It is very important to see your general dentist again to have the tooth restored!  They will remove the temporary filling and place a definitive restoration and likely a crown to protect the tooth so it will not crack or break apart in the future.  When these steps are completed, the success rate of saving your tooth so it will function normally for you is very high, around 90%!

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